Distinctly Downtown: Urban Eats

058Urban Eats is a pop-art cafe owned by Elizabeth Tyran and Jason Scala, two creative geniuses, who turned their former order counter into a visual, compelling & fun place to eat! Jason and Liz both have a passion for food as well as art. Whether it’s local art, or a masterpiece from home, they acknowledge the beauty in each piece and showcase them in the restaurant. Liz is an UA alumnae while Jason has mastered the art of culinary. When you put their two minds together and you witness the talent this power couple posses, the outcomes are unlimited. They both strive to provide healthy and hearty meals to the people they appreciate most, the people in their community.

Urban Eats is the center of a live, 053 work and play environment. The owners of this cafe appreciate all the walks of life they encounter and the relationships they build while residing in the this community. Since their work and personal home live here; they especially know the importance of community and supporting one another. Liz says, although the occupants of the neighborhood may change over time, the community and the city constantly grows. Outside of their cafe, they support local artist in attending art shows and hosting a children’s “artwalk”.

Along with the fascinating and eye catching wall art, their food is definitely something worth discussing. Referring to the menu, Liz says “they have something for everyone”. What’s so unique and diverse about Urban Eats is the fact that they change their menu each month. Sometimes it’s a new and captivating item or it could be a familiar favorite that you love and crave. In order to balance the variety of meals they offer they have to work together. Liz considered herself the “dreamer’ and referred to Jason as the “doer”. She thinks and creates these thoughtful and balanced recipes while Jason creates magic in the kitchen to bring her ideas to life. They listen and accommodate to their customers to make sure every trip is special.

Creative, exceptional and inspiring are just a few words to describe their establishment. working alongside Musica, which is now open during the week, Urban Eats tries to integrate and encourage originality and creativity. With help051 from their small but mighty staff, Max, who is also multi-talented and artsy, they are able to achieve the motto of live, work and play. Whether you are vising for lunch during the rush, or stopping in after an event at Musica, Urban Eats is a place where art meets food and community is welcomed. You will quickly be inspired by Liz and Jason’s refreshing personalities, their fine food and the original atmosphere, they cherish. Urban Eats is located on East Market and they are open 9 a.m. – 9 p.m. Monday thru Friday and during any Musica events. You can always call ahead to order and delivery within downtown is available with a $25 minimum. Catering is also available for businesses and organizations upon request. Visit their website at www.urbaneatsmusica.com.

By: Chantel Burt
DAP intern

Meeting the Creative Minds Behind Urban Eats

One of my assignments as an intern at DAP is to interview some local business owners and craft stories for the DAP website.  This task gave me the pleasure of meeting and interviewing Liz Tyran and Jason Scala, a couple who lives in Downtown Akron and owns Urban Eats, the gourmet concession counter inside Musica.  I won’t lie, I was pretty nervous because this was the first professional interview that I’ve ever done.  I’ve interviewed plenty of people before for school projects, especially in my journalism courses, but I’ve never had to interview people for something work-related.

When I walked in to interview the couple at Mocha Maiden where Liz runs the coffee shop and Urban Eats during the day, I had all of my questions prepared, but felt anxious.  However, I was very surprised at my abilities.  I was calm, conversational and immediately felt comfortable.  Liz and Jason are extremely kind people with great senses of humor.  They answered every question with thought and enthusiasm. 

Liz offered me some of Jason’s Jalapeno Popper Soup, which was amazing!  She said it was a little spicier than normal, but I like spicy things.  Last week my coworker Kimberly Beckett ordered lunch from Urban Eats and I helped her pick the French toast ham and cheese panini with a side of maple syrup.  I tried a bite and it was delicious!  I highly recommend stopping in for lunch to try out their dishes soon!  Each month the menu changes, so some of these items might not be available, however February’s menu features the most popular dishes from the last year.  I have no doubt that every item on the menu is unique and appetizing!

I have whipped up the first rough draft for my story on Urban Eats and am currently editing, adding some finishing touches and putting in a little more information that Liz has e-mailed me.  Look for the story to be up on the main page of DAP’s website at www.downtownakron.com soon!

Cliff Moore, DAP Intern