Distinctly Downtown: Crafty Mart

Crafty Mart logoCrafty Mart was first established in 2009 as a haven of uncommon, quality-made, local arts and crafts. In 2013, Crafty Mart won a “Best of the City” award from Akron Life Magazine.  Growing by leaps and bounds to fit the needs of the crafting community, Crafty Mart is now a non-profit organization.

In 2015 Crafty Mart joined the Downtown Akron Artwalk as a pop up space on the third floor of Summit Artspace.  Beginning in February with Valentine’s Day-themed items, Crafty Mart became a regular stop on the monthly Artwalk route.

Crafty Mart filled three Downtown Akron venues in November 2014 including Musica Performing Arts

Crafty Mart filled three Downtown Akron venues in November 2014, including Musica Performing Arts

On Saturday, March 7 from 5-9 p.m, Crafty Mart hosts the Nerdy Pop Up Market with vendors featuring items that celebrate geekiness, nerdiness and pop culture obsessions.  The Nerdy Pop Up Market theme has been chosen to honor Pi Day which takes place the following week.  Pi Day is a celebratory time by nerds of all stripes who cleverly recognize that the day March 14, 2015, can also be seen as 3.1415–the first five significant digits of the mathematical constant (pi.)

“The Nerdy Pop Up Market is a fun way for Crafty Mart to contribute its culture of local artisans and crafters to the monthly Akron Artwalk,” said Brit Charek, Crafty Mart Director.  “Artwalk guests get to experience the creativity and inspiration of these arty entrepreneurs. I’m also excited to introduce a passionate group of our vendors to give Akron residents a fresh new Artwalk experience.”

Crafty Mart will host between 20 and 30 vendors on the third floor of Summit Artspace during the Artwalk.  Crafty Mart’s addition to the tradition of the Artwalk not only opens a wider audience to its vendors but gives Akron’s residents more opportunities to discover local artists, crafters and their handmade items.

The Downtown Akron Artwalk takes place on the first Saturday of each month and features multiple destinations for art, shopping, dining, and entertainment.  Each month is a unique experience and a wonderful opportunity to meet artists that make downtown a culturally and artistically vibrant community.

The Akron Artwalk is a FREE event and entry into Summit Artspace is FREE.

For more information on Crafty Mart’s past and present, visit www.craftymart.org.

Follow Crafty Mart on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with the most recent updates on this event.

Content courtesy of: Crafty Mart

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