Distinctly Downtown: Akron CitiCenter Florist

 Valentine’s Day is approaching and that means love is in the air. Love is not the only comforting scent in the air; flowers are a perfect way to express your love for someone on that special day. Giving flowers as a gift can be filled with love, appreciation and thoughtfulness. If you are in the Downtown Akron area and heading down Main Street and turn on the corner on Mill Street, you’ll see a very distinct and lovely display. Red, white and pink illuminate the front window of Paul Stitt’s Akron CitiCenter Florist. Stitt’s shop offers an array of beautiful bouquets and arrangements ranging from roses, to lilies to chrysanthemums.DSC00853

Before Stitt became a florist, he lived in San Diego, California, where he was a young boy just simply delivering flowers. After gaining knowledge in the florist business, he used that knowledge to move up and make a career out of his experience. Stitt opened his shop in Downtown Akron in September of 1989. His first location was the CitiCenter building during the 90’s, but once the city took over the building he relocated. Stitt is fully staffed during the holidays and supplies floral decorations and arrangements for occasions such as weddings, funerals, hospital stays and birthdays. If you are having a small gathering for any occasion and looking for an affordable florist, this is the perfect place. I asked Stitt what he liked most about being downtown, he says “I like the corporate business.” “I like dealing with business people…It’s different.” He enjoys assisting and servicing, but not limited to, small businesses and their employees.

Along with having a friendly environment for staff and customers, Akron CitiCenter Florist strives to accommodate the different emotions and situations their customers may experience. “I think what the customer sees, is romance,” says Stitt on the subject of flowers. Aside from other emotions, creating that feeling of romance is the main goal for Stitt and his employees for this upcoming holiday.

Despite roses being his personal favorite flower, Stitt admits that the mixed bouquet is the most popular arrangement with a standard price of $6.98. Many might stray from flowers for their loved ones who may believe flowers are not affordable.DSC00858 Unlike some florists, who may significantly raise their prices for special holidays such as Valentine’s Day, Stitt values his customers and his community and does not raise his prices as high as some other companies might raise them. To show appreciation and support for the community he lives in. I asked Stitt what his best advice for people wanting to order for Valentine’s Day was and he said, “Order early!” The earlier he knows what you want, the better chance of it being available.  No matter how difficult the order might be he also says, “We try to deliver that upon their request.”

As of last week Akron CitiCenter Florist is also participating in DAP’s Kiss My Akron promotional campaign. During the month of February, different businesses downtown handout ‘kiss’ window clings to their customers, who then go out and stick them in the window of their favorite establishments. This is a way to display the love of Downtown Akron businesses. Akron CitiCenter Florist also participates in Do Downtown. DSC00851Akron CitiCenter Florist offers a 20% cash and carry on cut flowers if you visit and sign up on the Do Downtown page. Next time you are on Mill Street, stop by Akron CitiCenter Florist to tag a sticker in the window or buy a bouquet for that someone special. Valentine’s Day is approaching fast, so remember when ordering flowers to order with Akron CitiCenter Florist and don’t procrastinate!

Akron CitiCenter Florist is open Monday-Friday 9 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. & Saturday 9 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. & CLOSED on Sundays. So, order online today at their website OR call ahead at (330) 253-3700.

By: Chantel Burt, Downtown Akron Partnership Intern

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